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Spanish film-maker Carlos Saura’s first live stage production, ‘Flamenco Hoy’, had the audience at the 2013 Adelaide Festival on their feet!

‘Flamenco Hoy’, is an expedition through past, present and future of flamenco, incorporating the sounds of jazz, classical and tango, but maintaining a strong flamenco heart-beat. Carlos Saura’s conception of light and space, tempo and movement is visually captivating.

The ballet and contemporary influences in Rafael Estevez and Nani Paño’s choreography adds a rich expressiveness. The eleven dancers show their astounding versatility in their ability to move from traditional flamenco dances like the Nanas, Sevillanas, Tangos, Peteneras, Farrucas, Saetas, Fandangos, Guajiras, Malagueñas, Seguiriyas, Soleares, Zambras, Alegrías, Bulerías, to tango, ballet and contemporary with great ease and skill.

The heart-stopping execution of the compositions and arrangements by Chano Dominguez and Antonio Rey, transport the audience into the depths of flamenco through the lens of jazz, incorporating the piano, saxophone and flute. The highlight for me was Seguiriyas. The incorporation of the piano heightened the drama, whilst the saxophone brought out the sultriness of each dance. The Sevillanas started out at an unusually slow tempo, but then exploded into a heart-racing scene of movement and jubilation.

In Carlos Saura’s own words, “this is a theatrical music show that is respectful, rhythmic, profound, and beautiful to look at, using the diversity of interwoven factors that have shaped flamenco…the Arab contributions, the Jewish laments, the African rhythms, the Gypsy people that one day came from far away India, the rhythms that come and go to and from Cuba and South America to Spain, jazz, and of course the imprints of the Gypsy and Andalucian people which intertwine to form the musical structure of what today we call flamenco” – Carlos Saura


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